Distributed Audio
Distributed Audio is technology that allows you to walk into any room and select and play audio programs, news, music, etc. There is no need to go to your entertainment center to turn on the sound or select the programming.
Keypads can be installed in any room in the house and outdoors. A user can select from multiple sources including CD, XM and Sirus Radio, Internet radio and news, FM radio, music servers and Ipod docks for listening. Different sources can be played simultaneously in various locations in the house.
Custom Speaker Locations
Speakers can be located in any room or space in the house. Speakers can be in wall, in ceiling, towers or bookshelf speakers. In ceiling and in wall speakers can be painted to match walls and ceilings.
·Distributed Audio Receivers and systems by NuVo Technologies, B&K and Niles

·Music Servers by Nuvo Technologies, Escient, Logitech “Squeeze Box”

·Speakers by Solus, Tru Audio, KEF, Conextion, Wharfdale and more
Commercial Applications
Metro Lafayette has six distributed audio zones which enable them to play different sources simultaneously in different portions of the restaurant. It also makes it easy for them to vary the volume in each location of the restaurant.
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