Home Theater
Custom Home Theater is the combining of video and audio to an experience similar to attending a movie theater, but doing it in your own home. There are many different technology selections for both audio and video. We can help you through this technology puzzle.
Consulting & Design
Our system and design experts can turn your vision into a reality. Our broad range of services allow us to create the ultimate custom experience for our clients.

We also offer:
· Home Theater seating
Accoustical Treatments
Entertainment furniture and cabinets
Design for Custom Entertainment Cabinetry
Planning & Installation
Successful installation of your home entertainment system is contingent upon smooth implementation of an expertly constructed plan. Sound and Video Concept's custom design and project management expertise allows us to work seamlessly with your architect, interior designer or contractor, assuring total satisfaction for our customers.

Some of the Home Theater products we proudly offer include:

Audio/Video Electronics by Denon, Onkyo, B&K, Adcom,Lexicon, Samsung, Escient Music Server and more.

Projectors and Screens by Sim2, InFocus, Epson, Projection Design, Stewart Screens, Da-lite Screens and more.

Plasmas and LCDs by Hitachi featuring the Hitachi Director Series 1.5 inch deep Ultra Thin LCD, Hitachi Director Series Plasmas, Pioneer Plasmas, NuVision LCD, Panasonic Plasma, Samsung, Sharp and an outdoor safe LCD bySunbriteTV.

Speakers by Solus/Clements Speakers, Tru Audio, KEF, Conextion, Wharfdale, Sunfire, Velodyne and more.

Video Servers by Kaleidascape, Escient, Fusion and Vudu

Other recommended equipment by Middle Atlantic Racks, Chief and Sanus Mounts and projector lifts, Nevo Remotes, Universal Remotes

Home Theater Seating by Fortress Seating
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